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We have access to a patented, proprietary technology that can increase the confidence of existing GeoPhysics methods by up to 50%.  Working from a documented drilling history with more than 3,000 datapoints, our goal is to upgrade this technology and scale the equipment in an effort to bring it to the petroleum industry.

Methods Used

Blueprint Surveys include a combination of passive data gathering methods.  Electromagnetic, Radio Frequency, Acoustic, Magnetotelluric and Seismometer technologies are used to varying degrees to read and identify Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators from the surface.  

The gathered information is then filtered, processed and analyzed via our proprietary algorithms to increase resolution and pinpoint the most efficient drilling strategies and well placement.  

Industry Problems & Solutions

Data Accuracy

According to Petroleum Geologist professionals, poor data and maps account for more than 1/2 of all dry holes and failed drilling projects.  Blueprint GeoScience Surveys will help identify many of the inaccuracies and improve the overall ROI for future exploration.

The data set Blueprint surveys are based on has an accuracy rate of approximately 88-96%.  This will not replace existing geophysical methods, just add an extra layer of data to verify findings, increase data confidence and mitigate risk.

Billions of dollars are spent annually on dry holes and failed projects.  Billions more are wasted on less than optimal well placement.  Let's not forget the multi-billion dollar real estate speculation industry that is based on the anticipation of future production.  These are just a sample of the benefits and pain points addressed by Blueprint Surveys.

Finally, we anticipate our technology will reinvigorate the demand for the legacy survey methods.  Blueprint data will help identify discovery well targets, which will then need seismic surveys or other methods brought in to verify the results.

Current methods can model the geology and help confirm the rock structure needed for a successful oil and gas field.  Blueprint Surveys forecast and map the presence of the hydrocarbon molecules.  Both methods are required to maximize the potential of the other.



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